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Group of friends playing Hella Awkward Conversation Card Game Group of friends playing Hella Awkward Conversation Card Game

Let’s get Awkward!

Hella Awkward is a card game that sparks unforgettable experiences of connection, laughter and fun, one awkward conversation at a time!

hella awkward card game openhella awkward card game open

Hella Awkward Card Game

Adult Party Game to deepen connections with Friends, Dating, and Relationships.

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Hella Awkward is a conversation game made to deepen connections and stimulate memorable moments. Perfect for the early dating stage, the long term relationships, and the best of friends.

140 cards for deeper connections! Ask questions and take time to have meaningful conversations. Enjoy the quality time!

Bring it to the cookout, take it on the girls trip, or leave it on the coffee table for your next game night!

How did we get our start?

We are a Black/AAPI/Family/Women/Immigrant owned business on a mission to create meaningful connections across culture through conversation.

Why do we love what we do?

We created this game to inspire meaningful conversations for people like us. Growing up, these types of conversations weren’t had in our communities. Hella Awkward is a tool for sharing our stories, connecting in safe spaces and diving into our feels.

What problem are we solving?

We help those that need the extra push to ignite fun and intimate conversations with loved ones and strangers alike.

How to Play

Sit in a circle with your friends, place the game in the center. Player 1 selects a category of their choosing and a card at random from that category. Player 1 reads the question aloud and every player answers.

Continue rotating!

Player 2 selects a different card from a category of their choosing and reads the question aloud. Every player answers. The point of the game is to have meaningful conversations. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how many cards you get through. Tangents are encouraged!

What if a question gets hella awkward?

Use your skip card. You only get 1 skip!

FOR PARTIES, DATE NIGHT, HANGOUTS and MORE: This is the best conversation starter game to ignite epic discussions! Not your typical game night of Cards Against Humanity or Uno. This game is perfect for getting to know friends and strangers on a deeper level. Play at parties, game nights, pre-games, bachelorettes, date nights for couples and more.
A VARIETY OF AWKWARD TOPICS: Dive into the awkward conversation and get vulnerable while having fun. Here’s a preview: ”Are your parents still in love? Does it matter to you now?”, “Life is fragile, so is money. Would you want ten more years or one more million?”
GUARANTEED TO IGNITE GREAT CONVERSATIONS: Stop wasting time and move past boring small talk! These thought provoking questions will inspire fun & meaningful conversations. Includes 140 question cards in 4 categories that will spark deep, thrilling, intense discussions that are guaranteed to deepen your connections and test your relationship bonds!
PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Perfect for your own enjoyment, or as a thoughtful gift for multiple occasions – newlyweds or engaged couples, anniversaries, bridal showers, Valentine’s Day, Housewarming, Holiday Parties, White Elephant ect. Also great for marriage counseling or couples therapy.
Ages: 18+ | Players: 2-6 | Time: 30-60+ minutes| 140 Question Cards | Black, Asian, Female & Family Owned

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