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The game of life Junior game has the classic game play of choices and chance, and players get to move around the board Using cool car tokens that take Them on fun adventures. Players pick their 3-D car token and make their own exciting choices and decisions that can engage their imaginations. Will they visit The beach and describe building a sandcastle, or go to the zoo to see favorite animals? Players perform simple activities and actions requested on the action cards, such as finishing a song, acting, or telling a story to earn stars or money. The player to collect 10 Stars first wins.

spin to win is a trademark of the trustee of the reuben B. Klamer L.T.
The game of life Junior is fun for kids
Easy to set up and play
Players perform fun, simple actions
Features 3-D car movers
The game of life junior is an easy, fun way to start playing the game of life
Easy to set up and play
Action cards and attractions change your path
Collect 10 stars first for the win
Includes 1 game board, 4 junior car tokens, 1 spinner and base, 96 cards (in 2 decks) and 48 stars

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