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A GAME OF EASY CHALLENGES MADE HORRIBLY DIFFICULT BY YOUR FRIENDS. The game is full of simple challenges. But there’s a catch. Before you start a challenge, your overachieving friends will make it more difficult. Whoever makes it the most difficult will be your teammate. If you succeed, you both get points. If you fail, every else gets points. Place your confidence wisely.
Unique and Exciting Gameplay: This outrageous game ensures unforgettable memories and laughter-filled moments for breaking the ice in new groups or testing old friendships. With its unpredictable gameplay, unexpected twists, and hilarious challenges, From navigating treacherous paths to overcoming outrageous obstacles, every moment is filled with excitement and laughter. This game is designed to bring people together.
Spice Up Game Night: With 150 cards, Without Fail offers a wide variety of challenges that will keep the fun going all night long. Each card presents a new and exciting task, whether it’s defusing an exploding kitten, outsmarting your opponents, or strategically playing action cards to gain the upper hand. No two games are alike, thanks to the vast array of cards and the unpredictability of players.
Hilarious Obstacles: One of the highlights of Without Fail is the hilarious obstacles that friends can add to make tasks more outrageous and entertaining. From silly challenges to outrageous twists, these obstacles inject an extra dose of laughter and excitement into the game. Picture your friends making you complete a task blindfolded or using unconventional objects to complete a challenge. Prepare to laugh, cheer, and bond over the absurd and hilarious obstacles that await you in this game.
Endless Fun: Without Fail comes with a set of contents that ensure endless laughter and friendly competition. Inside the box, you’ll find everything you need for a memorable playing experience. The game includes 1 blindfold, 1 notebook, 6 cups, 1 sand timer, 40 point tokens, 1 tee token, 1 ball, and 3 dice. These are designed to enhance the gameplay and create a dynamic and interactive experience. Every component adds to the laughter and competition.
Versatile Party Game: Without Fail is the perfect addition to any party or gathering. It’s a versatile party game that engages everyone in unforgettable interactive gameplay. Whether you’re hosting a large party with friends or having a cozy game night with family, this game is sure to be a hit. It’s easy-to-learn mechanics make it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels. The game’s dynamic and unpredictable nature ensures that everyone stays engaged and entertained, Without Fail.

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