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The Classic child’s first reading game. The first player to get their Uncle Wiggily mover to Dr Possum’s office wins. For generations the loveable old rabbit gentleman has delighted youngsters with his fun-filled adventures. Your children will love this game just as much as you did. Hop Uncle Wiggily along the forest path to Dr. Possum’s house. Along the way, meet his many friends, like Billy Bushtail and Cluck Cluck Hen. But watch out for the sneaky Skeezicks and Skillery-Scallery Alligator! Players draw cards and follow the simple rhymes to move their own Uncle Wiggily token. The cards also feature numbers and symbols, so children who cannot read can also play! The game is exciting and every child has a chance to win, right up to the very end!
A Child’s first reading game.
HISTORY: Howard Garis wrote the beloved Uncle Wiggily books well over 100 years ago. The charming long eared rabbit has been delighting children ever since!
THE OBJECT: Players join Uncle Wiggily on his adventure by drawing cards, following the simple rhymes and moving Uncle Wiggily along the path.
LEARNING: Cards also feature numbers and symbols, so children who cannot read will still be able to play.
THE WIN: Be the first to arrive at Dr. Possum’s house and you win the game!
FAMILY BONDING: Uncle Wiggily is a generational, right of passage game. It is a wonderful way to bond and create new memories in your child’s precious formative years.

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