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We're Doomed LeadersWe're Doomed Leaders

You, the most powerful leaders in the world, have only fifteen minutes to build an escape rocket and leave this doomed planet.

However, with limited time to build the rocket, there might not be enough seats for everyone to escape! You have to work together. In the end, only the most influential survive. Contribute resources to build the rocket, but gain influence to claim a seat… possibly one that someone else built!

Civilization CardsCivilization Cards

Contribute ResourcesContribute Resources

Influence TokensInfluence Tokens

Take Action!

Players use their Civilization Cards to take actions that will give them valuable Resources and Influence tokens…

…or steal them from other players!

Contribute Resources!

It takes a fair amount of Resource Tokens to build the rocket and seats, so players will have to work together with their contributions!

The players who contribute the most on any round earn Influence and get to draw an Event Card!

Only the MOST Influential survive!

At the end of 15 minutes, starting with the player with the most Influence Tokens, players claim available seats…

…Everyone else is a dead loser!

Event CardsEvent Cards

Event cards are really crazy!

Event cards are designed to use the precious time falling through the sand timer! The player who contributes the most Resource Tokens on a round gets to draw an Event card!

Public Events are cards that are read out loud. However, Clandestine Events are kept secret, so watch out!

Breaking Games We're Doomed Game BagBreaking Games We're Doomed Game Bag

Breaking Games We're Doomed Components on Wooden TableBreaking Games We're Doomed Components on Wooden Table

Breaking Games We're Doomed Game HourglassBreaking Games We're Doomed Game Hourglass

100 Unique Event Cards

Crushed-velvety bags make losing feel better.

15-Minutes goes by fast!

Breaking Games We're Doomed Tabletop Game on wooden tableBreaking Games We're Doomed Tabletop Game on wooden table

Whats in the box?

A beautiful 15-minute sand timer10 Government Civilization cards with standees.10 player aids1 first player poker chip2 cloth bags with plastic fasteners70 Influence Tokens140 Resource Tokens100 Event cardsAlso, the box insert doubles as an hourglass platform, and “Project” contribution area.

Intense Cooperative Gameplay: Dive into a world on the brink of apocalypse, where collaboration meets competition. As the clock ticks down, strategize with friends to build an escape rocket, but remember – not everyone will make it out alive. Perfect for those seeking a thrilling, high-stakes board game experience.
Experience Global Panic: With the pressure of a 15-minute sand timer, every second counts. Navigate challenges, make crucial decisions, and negotiate your way to safety. This game captures the essence of urgency, making every session unpredictable and exhilarating.
Influence Determines Survival: In “We’re Doomed!”, your actions have consequences. Contribute resources, form alliances, and gain influence to secure your seat on the escape rocket. But beware – betrayals and unexpected twists await at every turn.
The Ultimate Party Game: Whether you’re hosting a game night, a themed party, or just looking for an engaging group activity, “We’re Doomed!” delivers. Its fast-paced nature ensures laughter, suspense, and memorable moments with every playthrough.
Adaptable & Replayable: Tailored for 4-10 players, this game offers a dynamic experience that changes with every group. Its adaptable rules and scenarios mean no two games are the same, ensuring endless hours of entertainment.
Search for Survival: As the world crumbles, will you rise to the challenge? Perfect for fans of strategy, negotiation, and survival games, “We’re Doomed!” is a must-have addition to any board game collection.

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