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In the Race Across the USA Game, players race across the USA to be the first to visit six states, answer geography questions, then get back to their home states to win the game! Players can use the game board for clues to answer questions and win state cards. Questions are geared to each player’s own grade level, so kids from different grades can play together on an even field. University Games is proud to be partnering with Scholastic Inc. for their first line of proprietary games. Challenges from their workbooks come to life in fun and engaging game play!
Educational Journey: Embark on an exciting educational journey with the Scholastic Race Across the USA Game. Explore the diverse geography of our country while having fun with this engaging board game.
State-Hopping Adventure: Visit six states, answer geography questions, and race back to your home state to claim victory! The game combines learning and entertainment, making it an ideal choice for educational play.
Grade-Appropriate Questions: Tailored to each player’s grade level, the game ensures that questions are suitable for their educational stage. Enjoy a personalized learning experience that adapts to the unique needs of players.
Inclusive Gameplay: Designed for kids aged 8 and up, this game allows children from different grades to play together on an even field. Foster friendly competition and collaboration as players of various ages join forces in this educational adventure.
Perfect for Group Play: Whether it’s a family game night or a classroom setting, the Scholastic Race Across the USA Game encourages group play. Bring kids together for a shared learning experience that promotes camaraderie and knowledge sharing.
Learn and Have Fun: Turn learning about the USA into an enjoyable experience. The game combines the excitement of a race with educational elements, ensuring that players not only have fun but also gain valuable knowledge about the country.
Interactive Geography Exploration: Immerse yourself in an interactive exploration of U.S. geography. The game provides a hands-on way for players to enhance their understanding of different states and regions.
Foster Multi-Grade Interactions: Break down age barriers and promote multi-grade interactions. The Race Across the USA Game creates a collaborative environment where kids of different ages can learn together, fostering a sense of inclusivity and teamwork.
Educational Entertainment: Elevate learning with a board game that goes beyond textbooks. The Scholastic Race Across the USA Game is a blend of educational content and entertainment, making it a valuable addition to any learning environment.
Check out our video to see the game being played!

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