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The Award Winning Party Game The Award Winning Party Game

The Award Winning Party Game

We are very proud to have won 2024 Game of the year at the recent ATA awards!

The Award Winning Party Game The Award Winning Party Game

THAT SOUND GAME: Get your team to guess as many answers as possible in a minute. Use a combination of sounds and movements creatively, but keep your hands behind your back. Perfect as group games for adults, it’s a lively and engaging way to challenge your friends’ guessing skills and have a blast together!
ENGAGING PARTY GAME: This highly engaging party game gets everyone involved, acting, laughing, making sounds and communicating. It’s the funniest thing you will play on game night!
CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Combine sounds and movements to win in this think outside the square party game. There is plenty of opportunity for creativity and chaos with the 325 category cards: Incident, Action, The P’s (People, places and personas) Nature, and Object. Each category will stretch your imagination and offers an exciting challenge for anyone who loves visually stimulating and laugh out loud card games for adults.
RULES: Get ready for a fast-paced, interactive and very noisy party game. The objective is simple: get your team to guess as many answers on the category cards as possible within a minute. You can use any combination of sounds and movements while standing up, but there’s a catch – your hands must be behind your back! Plus, you have lifelines to strategically assist your team in winning.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: Just open the box and play – That Sound Game contains 325 Category Cards, 16 Lifeline Cards, 1 Lowdown Card, a Dice and Timer. It also contains a reusable Scorecard and Dry Erase Marker so that you never run out of paper. Ideal for adult card games, it’s perfect for game nights filled with laughter and chaos!

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