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Toy Story is the beloved film franchise in which toys come alive to have their own adventures the moment a human leaves the room. This series of cherished films has delighted fans for over 20 years and now you can play with your favourite characters too with these Toy Story Tamagotchi electronic pets. Your Tamagotchi pet starts out as Woody, the cowboy doll, but if you look after your virtual pet well it will transform into a different Toy Story character every 24 hours. Keep the ‘Happy’ and ‘Affection’ meters of your pet Toy Story character high and remember to promptly clean accumulating dust lest your electronic friend decides to leave and is sold at a yard sale. One way to keep the ‘Happy’ meter high and have fun with your Tamagotchi is to play a mini electronic game. The Toy Story Tamagotchi has 3 of these games: ‘Jump! Duke Caboom’, ‘Fly! Green Soldiers’, and ‘Drive! RC’, how many of each of these games you play and how well you do can determine which character your cyberpet will become next. Keep playing with your Tamagotchi to discover all of your favourite characters with 17 to find in all, including Woody and Buzz Lightyear. This Toy Story Tamagotchi is the Friends Version, with images of some of the iconic Toy Story toys on a white shell, there is also a Clouds Version to collect. These Tamagotchis make fantastic cyber pets and excellent 90s gifts, see how many you can keep happy on a virtual pet keyring.
TOY STORY CYBER PET | Enjoy all the fun of the original Tamagotchi pets with these Toy Story themed electronic games for kids, adults, and fans of all ages. Take the place of Bonnie as you raise, play with, and love Andy’s toys. Make sure to look after them well, lest they get sold at a yard sale.
KEEP YOUR ELECTRONIC PET HAPPY | After receiving Woody from Andy you must be sure to look after him well, keeping his ‘Happy’ and ‘Affection’ meters full as well as keeping him clean of dust. If you take care of your digital pet well, every 24 hours they will transform into another beloved Toy Story character.
3 FUN VIRTUAL GAMES | Keep the ‘Happy’ meter for your mini pets high by playing 3 fun digital games: ‘Jump! Duke Caboom’, ‘Fly! Green Soldiers’, and ‘Drive! RC’. Which games you play and how well you do determines which Toy Story character will be revealed next.
17 CHARACTERS TO DISCOVER | Play with your favourite characters from the films with these Toy Story Tamagotchi nostalgic toys, keep exploring different combinations of games and care to find all 17. Enjoy small animations showing the most memorable moments from the films throughout the day.
MORE TAMAGOTCHIS TO COLLECT | This Tamagotchi Toy Story Friend Version shows some of the iconic Toy Story toys on a white shell, collect the Clouds Version to complete the set. With many different Tamagotchis to collect, see how many of these retro toys for adults and kids you can fit on your keyring.

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