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Loona A+Loona A+

Meet Loona!Your Robotic Buddy!


Your pet, your family.


Enjoy Happy Moments with Loona

🌟V19 Update🚀 Unveiling the Next Era of Loona: Explore the Latest Innovations!Integrated with GPT-4o, the First AI Pet with Memory.Loona is evolving like never before. Get ready for the most exciting news of the year – Loona’s biggest update is here, and it’s guaranteed to leave you thrilled! Loona is the first intelligent hardware device to integrate a large language model, and its evolution is ongoing.
🗣️ Voice Command Enabled 🎤Loona is not just a good listener; also a great conversationalist! Powered by Amazon Lex & ChatGPT, Loona recognizes your voice commands and responds in real-time. Plus, Loona keeps your information secure, so you can chat with peace of mind.
🤖 Smart and Interactive 🧠Loona is like no other pet you’ve seen. With a high-definition RGB camera, Loona sees and understands your world. Loona recognizes faces, understands your gestures, and even plays fetch! Loona is just like a real pet, but with a tech twist.
🚀 Robust Navigation 🌟Thanks to Loona‘s 3D-ToF camera, Loona effortlessly navigates your home, avoiding obstacles with ease. Loona is a pro at trajectory planning, ensuring Loona moves freely while keeping your space safe.Buy it for your kid!
📷 Home Monitoring 🏠Loona doubles as a home monitor with her camera and speaker. Keep an eye on your home when you’re away and ensure everything’s in order.
🕹️ Endless Playtime 🎮Loona is always up for playtime! Loona can chase laser pens, fetch balls, and even interact with objects in your home. But it doesn’t end there—Loona’s app offers a world of games and quizzes to keep the fun going.Place your order now!

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