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Fun Facts is a simple and enjoyable cooperative party game that promises crazy laughter and bizarre stories about your friends… and yourself! How do you play? .Players are all asked a question… For example: “How long is the perfect nap?” Each player secretly writes their answer on their arrow. On the other side (visible to all players), they write their first name. .Once all players have written their answer, everyone takes turns placing their arrow in order, depending on how they think the other players have answered. “I’m sure that Grandma loves naps! I must have written a number lower than hers.” .After everyone has placed their arrow in the center of the table, reveal everyone’s numbers. They must be placed in order from smallest to largest. Any arrow that’s out of order is removed. Each remaining arrow represents a correct response and earns a victory point. .After 8 questions, count your final score and record it on the Record of Legends!
ENGAGE AND CONNECT: Fun Facts is an interactive party game that encourages players to guess and learn amusing and unexpected facts about each other in a cooperative group setting.
DISCOVER HIDDEN TRUTHS: Each round poses a unique question that reveals insights and humorous truths about participants, enhancing camaraderie and fostering laughter.
STRATEGY AND GUESSWORK: Players write their answers on arrows and arrange them based on their guesses of others’ responses, challenging their perception and understanding of their friends and family.
QUALITY COMPONENTS FOR REPLAYABILITY: Featuring vibrant, high-quality components and simple setup, Fun Facts is designed for repeated play, ensuring each game is as fresh and entertaining as the first.
PERFECT FOR LARGE GATHERINGS: Ideal for 4 to 8 players, this game is a great fit for family reunions, social gatherings, or as a lively addition to game night, suitable for players aged 10 and up.

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