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🍏【Sturdy Hard Plastic Construction 】Raceh Worm Fidget Toys are made up of interlocking pieces of a yellowish green clear acrylic plastic. Each piece is cut into an oval that interlocks with the others so no sharp corners. The construction is fairly durable and has a nice springy feel. Even though made from plastic, it has a cool, organic feel to it, almost like its a live.(toddler toys fidget toys adults toys for ages 5-7 toys for ages 8-13 kids toys)
🍏【Novelty Sensory Exploration】The neon color of Raceh Fidget Toys is nice and it shift between green and yellow based on the angle you’re looking at; it starts as a circular, you can stretch and squished in limited amounts in two directions; It’s fairly quiet and makes a bit of a quiet soft crunchy sound when squished. Raceh Worm is more textured than a round foam circle for sensory input. It hits enough mesmerizing and relaxing sensory notes for you– touch, sight, and even sound.
🍏【Quite Desk Toys for Adults】Raceh Fidget Toys are perfect suitable for people who use computers for a long time or focuses on long conference calls, it doesn’t take up so much space on your desk, Squeezing it feels like when you’re messing with plastic wrapping, but there’s no worry about damaging it.Raceh Fidget toy doesn’t look childish like some of the squishy ones so you won’t feel embarrassed to be using this in an office setting.
🍏【Relaxing Shape Shifting Fidget】Raceh worm toy is a springy, quiet and mesmerizing fidget gadgets, It’s hard plastic pieced together and sides from circle to semi-flat and back. It can go skinny and long or short and round and in between. It can be bounced and tossed. Its stretchy, squishy design offers satisfying tactile feedback, making it perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. (sensory toys for toddlers autism sensory products sensory toys for kids with autism toddler sensory toys)
🍏【Ideal for Special Needs】Raceh Sensory toys cater to the sensory needs of kis & Adults with autism or ADHD, For poeple who want a quiet fidget to keep your hands busy, stay focused or simply looking for a fun distraction, Raceh elastic fidget toy, this delightfully addictive gadget that provides endless entertainment is sure to become a favorite accessory.(valentines day gifts for kids mens gifts teen girl gifts trendy stuff treasure box toys for classroom prize box toys for kids classroom)

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