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Fidget Toys for All Ages
Fidget Toys are a daily necessity for many people. Not only are fidgets useful, but they are also fun! We have fidgets in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs, so take a look today to see how you can spend less money on fidget toys and more time with family.
New Fidget Box
Are you overwhelmed with the amount of fidgets that your children are asking for? Get the Fidget Box today. These toys are perfect for kids who need sensory input. This box has marble and mesh, mochis, poppers and sensory fidgets. Make your child happy with the Fidget Box!
The complete package for fidgety children.
We know that kids with sensory needs need fidgets to help them focus. Well, we’ve done the legwork for you, and found a box that has all the toys they love to fidget with. Shop from home and let your kids enjoy these fidgets today.
PACK OF 120: 4 Pop Bubble, 1 Flip Chain, 8 Mochi Squishies, 9 Stretchy String Fidgets, 6 Mesh and Marble Sensory Toys, 1 Fidget Pad, 1 Snake Cube Twist, 1 Tracks Fidget, 1 Infinity Cube, 1 Soccer Ball, 1 Puzzle Box, 4 Sensory Rings, 1 Squeeze Soybean, 4 Pop Bracelets, 20 Pop Rings, 21 Mini Pop Bubble, 1 Pop Ball, 10 Stickers, 8 Spiky Balls, 8 Foam Putty, 6 Pop Tubes and 4 Fidget Spinners.
Our Fidget toys are durable and doesn’t break or crack when dropped or twisted. All our products pass US toy standards.
Looking for a fun, unique and meaningful gift idea for a party, birthday or special occasion? Give the gift of play! We have an amazing selection of fidget toys in bulk. These fidget toys will keep your hands busy, your mind relaxed and your body happy.
Keep your hands busy with our favorite fidget toys! Get the perfect item to let you tangle, twist, pull, and pop for all your fidgeting needs. Never worry about having too much stress again. Get the ultimate bulk pack of fidget toys to share with friends or keep them all for yourself!
You deserve the best. That’s why we offer a 2-years warranty.
With an assortment of colors, textures, and shapes, these sensory toys offer a unique tactile experience that can help improve concentration and promote relaxation.
A great gift option for anyone who needs some sensory stimulation or stress relief, the fidget toys set is suitable for both boys and girls of all ages.
Relieve Anxiety and Stress: These Sensory Toys are great for people who suffer from anxiety, stress, or fidgeting. They promote relaxation and reduce stress levels, making them perfect for adults and kids alike.
Portable and Versatile: The Fidget Toys Set is making it easy to take with you wherever you go. You can keep them on your desk at work, in your purse or backpack, or even in your car. They are perfect for travel, waiting rooms, and other situations where you need something to occupy your hands.
Popular Uses: For Great for birthday party favors, Classroom Rewards, Carnivals, Prize Boxes, Pinata Filler, Goodie Bags Stuffers, Stocking Stuffers, Gift Bags, Kids Christmas Presents.

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