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Can you stay out of trouble long enough to win the game? Trouble is a classically fun game in which players race to be the first person to move all their pegs around the game board and into the finish slots to win. But watch out! If another player lands on the same spot as you, your peg has to start over. Includes a Pop-O-Matic bubble to roll the dice. Trouble is a fun-filled race to the finish! Each game comes with a game board, Pop-O-Matic dice roller, 16 pegs and instructions. The average playing time is 25-35 minutes. Ages 5 and up. 2-4 Players.
POP-O-MATIC: If you grew up anytime after 1965, you’ve probably played Trouble – and LOVED popping the popper in the middle of the board. Our classic edition brings back those great memories!
EASY TO LEARN: Ideal for families with young children, TROUBLE is a breeze to pick up and plays in just 30 minutes
POP, POP, POP!: Pop the popper and try to get a 6 so you can enter one of your pegs into the game. Once entered, you move your peg by the count of the dice pop. If you’re lucky enough to land on an opponent’s peg, they are sent back home.
HOW TO WIN: Race all four of your pegs around the gameboard and head for your finish line as fast as you can! Just don’t get sent back home by an opponent or you’ll have to start all over again!
LEARN & PLAY: Young children will learn valuable skills like counting, turn taking, planning ahead, and how to win or lose!
Included rules are in English and Spanish! You can also download them right here. Scroll down to the section called Product Guides & Documents!
Includes plastic game board
Includes pop-o-matic die roller
English and Spanish instructions

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